2710 N. WATER ST. DECATUR, IL 62526 (217) 875-2431

St. Teresa High School is an accredited Catholic college preparatory secondary school serving the Decatur, Illinois area. Sharing in the educational mission of the Church, it is committed to offering excellent education and developing a community of faith. St. Teresa provides a faith-based, disciplined environment which fosters academic achievement, independent thinking, moral integrity, and service to community. more

Dawg Squad Student Ambassadors

This enthusiastic group of students work hard to represent the St. Teresa ideals in school, on social media and in the community. They also encourage the enrollment of prospective students by showing their love of the St. Teresa family. Be sure to listen for their commercials on the local radio stations!!

Sponsor: Ms. Andrea Couri

  • Jennifer Birschback
  • Katherine Bridgman
  • Sarah Buckner
  • Ashley Burgener
  • Carma Caceras
  • Lisa Couri
  • Mari Couri
  • Nik Couri
  • Lauren Evelti
  • Alivia Hawkins
  • Anna Hawkins
  • Anna Hooker
  • Zach Hooker
  • Kayleigh Isom
  • Ashton Jerger
  • Cole Lamb
  • Sarah Kefalas
  • Lindsey Kormelink
  • Robert Malkamati
  • Marilah Miller
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Keyari Page
  • Lauryn Pugh
  • Lauryn Rowe-Adams
  • Jose Rubi
  • Will Sexton
  • Mary Shupenus
  • Madison Stoedter
  • Alexis Stogner
  • Chloe Tatham
  • Makenzie Velchek
  • Haley Vemmer
  • Peyton Wagner
  • Ben Young




Phone: (217) 875-2431 (main office)
Fax: (217) 875-2436

Email: stadmin@st-teresahs.org


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