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St. Teresa WYSE Team advances to the State Competition

Fourth time in Six Years

St. Teresa’s WYSE team finished third in the 300 division of the sectional competition at Eastern Illinois University this past week. WYSE stands for Worldwide Youth in Science and Engineering. It is an academic competition sponsored by the University of Illinois, School of Engineering. Students take test in the subjects of biology, chemistry, computer science, engineering graphics, english, mathematics, and physics. St. Teresa competes again at the state competition at the University of Illinois on April 16. St. Teresa finished 13th in 2014, 12th in 2011, and 11th in 2010.

Congratulation to the following students that had one of the five highest scores:

Connor Reardon, 1st in Computer Science and 2nd in Mathematics

Ben Young, 1st in Chemistry

Aaron Sass, 2nd in Chemistry

Chris Hein, 3rd in Chemistry and 3rd in Physics

“Ellin” Sun Young Hong, 3rd in Mathematics

Devin Niederbrach, 4th in Chemistry

Tegan Lakshmanan, 4th in English

Asked to comment on his team’s success, coach Paul Furman said, “First, I would like to thank our students for working so hard to prepare for this competition. I also want to thank our parents and teachers for their enthusiasm and support. We are fortunate to have seven different students with one of the top four scores. In some competitions, like Scholastic Bowl, just one student can carry the entire team. With so many students earning high scores, it demonstrates that St. Teresa students are receiving a quality education.”

Good luck to the St. Teresa’s WYSE team as they prepare for next month’s state competition!




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