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St. Teresa High School Attends the FBLA State Leadership Conference


Future Business Leaders of America members and advisers from St. Teresa High School attended the sixty-eighth annual Illinois Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Leadership Conference at the Crowne Plaza, Springfield, Illinois, on Friday and Saturday, March 24-25. Over 1,400 members, advisers, and guests from 64 Illinois FBLA chapters were registered for the conference. The two-day state conference, with “A Legacy of Leadership” as the theme, included activities in personal development, business and leadership training, election of 2017-2018 state officers, and many competitive events.

During the awards program at the conference, St. Teresa High School FBLA members won the following individual, team, and chapter competitive event awards:

  • 4th Place in Agribusiness, Jake Stahl, senior
  • 5th Place in Introduction to Business Communication, Lauryn Pugh, sophomore
  • 6th Place in Talent Show, Alexis Randolph, sophomore
  • 8th Place in Securities and Investments, Kyle Anselmo, senior
  • 9th Place in FBLA Principles & Procedures, Sydney Allen
  • 9th Place in Electronic Career Portfolio, Sarah Buckner
  • 10th Place in Public Speaking I, Mary Shupenus
  • 11th Place in Public Speaking II, Robert Malkamaki
  • 13th Place in Job Interview

Other FBLA members and advisers participating were Kierney Sprague, senior and Connor Luttrell, senior.

Lauryn Pugh ran for State Secretary but was defeated in a close vote. Mary Shupenus and Alexis Randolph from St. Teresa High School served as voting delegates at the conference in the election of state officers.

FBLA-PBL is the largest student business organization in the world with more than a quarter of a million members! FBLA prepares students for “real world” professional experiences.

For more information about FBLA-PBL, go to www.fbla-pbl.org, www.ilfbla.org.




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