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It is our goal to educate the St. Teresa community to lead others, and ourselves, in a more virtuous life. We are following a "virtue of the week" program to help us refocus on this mission, and to be better examples to others in our community.

Every Monday we will share the "virtue of the week" and ask that you join us in reflecting and implementing it into your daily lives. Learning to Lead

Purchase 2014 Mega Raffle Tickets

To purchase a mega ticket, please visit the St. Teresa Advancement Office or visit one of the participating locations below.

Participating Locations

Bob Brady Dodge                                              4025 E. Boyd Rd.
Bodine Residence                                                   call 620-7539
Culver’s                                         2994 N. Water St. & Mt. Zion
Dr. Cunningham/ Dr. Jurgens                        Both Locations
Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy                             245 W. First Dr.
Colee Corner Drugs                           51 & Weaver Rd., Forsyth
Del’s popcorn                                                142 N. Merchant St.
Gooding Auto Restoration                     989 W. Harrison Ave.
Haines & Essick                                               150 E. William St.
Huff Lumber                                                2021 Veterans Pkwy.
Imboden Creek Living Center                  180 W. Imboden Dr.
Jane’s Cleaners
JL Hubbard                                          1090 S. Route 51, Forsyth
Soy Capitol                                                               455 N.Main St.
Kenny’s Ace Hardware                              2880 S.Mt. Zion Rd.
La Gondola – Water St.                                   2825 N. Water St.
La Gondola – Mt. Zion                               2034 S. Mt. Zion Rd.
Siegert-Lees Insurance                                                Moweaqua
Lincoln Credit Union-Oakland            2890 N. Oakland Ave.
Lincoln Credit Union-Mound Rd.             3130 E. Mound Rd.
Local 159 Union Hall
Miles Chevrolet                                            150 W. Pershing Rd.




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