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St. Teresa High School is an accredited Catholic college preparatory secondary school serving the Decatur, Illinois area. Sharing in the educational mission of the Church, it is committed to offering excellent education and developing a community of faith. St. Teresa provides a faith-based, disciplined environment which fosters academic achievement, independent thinking, moral integrity, and service to community. more

Admissions Criteria


Before admission to St. Teresa, potential freshmen take the EXPLORE placement exam. This standard indicator and the information gathered from parents, teachers, and grade school transcripts are used to plan the student’s academic program. If the information gathered indicates that St. Teresa does not have the educational program which best serves the needs of the student, the student will not be accepted.

Transfer students from other high schools are considered for admissions at the beginning of a semester unless the family is moving into the Decatur area. A screening process is used to assure that the student’s former school record and reason for transfer are consistent with St. Teresa’s mission and goals. When a student is accepted, the high school transcripts are used to plan the student’s academic program at St. Teresa.

Should space or the quality of the educational program become restricting factors on enrollment, St. Teresa will admit students on a priority basis. First priority will be given to Catholic students. Students of other religious beliefs will be accepted as space and programs are available. Preference will be given to these students on the following basis: graduates of Catholic grade schools; siblings of current students; children/siblings of St. Teresa alumni; graduates of other religiously affiliated grade schools.

Once students are accepted as members of the St. Teresa community, they are expected to maintain a commitment to the mission, goals, and religious values of St. Teresa through support of the policies outlined in the student handbook and appropriate academic achievement.




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