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St. Teresa High School is an accredited Catholic college preparatory secondary school serving the Decatur, Illinois area. Sharing in the educational mission of the Church, it is committed to offering excellent education and developing a community of faith. St. Teresa provides a faith-based, disciplined environment which fosters academic achievement, independent thinking, moral integrity, and service to community. more

Grad Requirements

Requirements for Graduation

The number of units required for graduation from St. Teresa is 26. For good cause, in the judgment of the principal, this requirement will be waived for transfer students.

Subjects Units
Math 3 units
Theology 4 units
English 4 units
Science (lab science)* 2 units
Physical Education 4 units
Social Studies-(U.S. History, World History) 2 units
Language/Reading 1 unit
Fine Arts 1 unit
Health 1/2 unit
Intro to Business or Consumer Ed.* 1/2 unit
Speech 1/2 unit
Keyboarding or Computer Concepts 1/2 unit
10 Hours of Community Service Each Year
Driver’s Education Pass
Illinois & U.S. Constitution Tests Pass
Electives 4 proportionate
Total Required for Graduation 26 units (see handbook for exceptions)
*Class of 2015 and thereafter
-3 units Science
-1/4 unit Consumer Education
-1/4 unit Drivers Education

Advance Placement Classes: All students enrolled in AP classes at St.Teresa High School will be required to take the end-of-the-year AP test (at the student’s expense).

Note: All courses required for graduation must be taken at St. Teresa (or some recognized high school in case of transfers).  If a failure in any required course occurs, the student must make up the credit.  The student must have the approval of the Principal for a recognized way of making up the course.  This usually means summer school.  In some cases, with permission of the Principal, students may take Saturday School to make up credit.

State of Illinois Board of Education Statewide Admission Requirements

The Board of Higher Education hereby announces that it has established statewide admission standards for public colleges and universities in Illinois.  The following will be required of freshment entering community college transfer programs and public universities.

Minimum Requirements

Units Subjects
4 English (emphasizing written and oral communicatins and literature)
3 Social Studies (emphasizing history and government)
3 Mathematices (introductory through advanced algebra, geometry, trigonometry, or fundamentals of computer programming)
3 Science (laboratory sciences)
2 Foreign language, music, or art

Admission requirements for private colleges and universities vary.  Each must be contacted seperately for information about its requirements.




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