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St. Teresa High School is an accredited Catholic college preparatory secondary school serving the Decatur, Illinois area. Sharing in the educational mission of the Church, it is committed to offering excellent education and developing a community of faith. St. Teresa provides a faith-based, disciplined environment which fosters academic achievement, independent thinking, moral integrity, and service to community. more

Accelerated Academics for 8th Graders


Accelerated Academic Program for 8th graders

St. Teresa’s Advanced 8th Graders Honors Program allows 8th grade students to enroll in Honors Algebra I and Physical Science classes.  Interested students must be eligible for the program.  Eligibility is based on the following:

  1. 1.     Seventh (7th) grade teacher recommendation
  2. 2.     Your student must have at least three A’s on the quarterly report cards during the past school year in the specific subject identified.
  3. 3.     Your student must have achieved a 90th percentile or above on the seventh (7th) grade Terra Nova Achievement Test in that specific area.
  4. 4.     The student must receive the approval of his/her principal.

Some of the questions you may have regarding this program are:

  • The Honors Algebra I class will run daily from 8:00 -8:40 AM
  • The H.S. Physical Science class will run daily from 9:04-9:44 AM
  • During the High School Channel One schedule each day (from 8:40-9:00 AM), the eighth graders will stay in their rooms for study time.
  • Transportation to and from the St. Teresa will be the responsibility of parents.
  • The students will follow the St. Teresa Calendar (they will report to their home elementary school when St. T. is not in session).
  • The completed course will be entered on the high school transcript as a P/F (Pass/Fail) and will not be calculated in the student’s high school grade point average (G.P.A.).
  • Honors points will be granted to students.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact the school at 875-2431.




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