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It is our goal to educate the St. Teresa community to lead others, and ourselves, in a more virtuous life. We are following a "virtue of the week" program to help us refocus on this mission, and to be better examples to others in our community.

Every Monday we will share the "virtue of the week" and ask that you join us in reflecting and implementing it into your daily lives. Learning to Lead

Social Studies


World History
World History, a survey course of past civilizations, covers the Seven Ages of Man: the Prehistoric, the Ancient, the Classical, the Medieval, the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, and the Modern Age through the framework of past events, the course also includes an introduction to other social-studies areas such as anthropology, archaeology, economics, and sociology. This one-year course is required for all freshmen. Text: World History, Connections to Today, Prentice Hall, 1997.


U. S. History
U.S. History, a chronological survey of major phases of U.S. History, deals with methods of doing research on local, state and national levels and of synthesizing material on the past with information on the present. Required for all students on the junior level. State requirement: successful completion of U.S. and Illinois Constitution tests. One year course. Text: America: Pathways to Present, Prentice Hall, 1995.


Sociology I
Sociology I deals with group organization, with functions and change of groups, with roles and status of groups, with the effect of groups on others, and with interaction of group members. The course aims at studying group behavior as opposed to the individual and his mind as studied in psychology. Topics include prejudice, race, ethnic relations, crime, drugs, alcohol, population growth, old age, and marriage and the family. The course is offered to juniors and seniors. A one semester course. Text: Sociology Study of Human Relationships, Holt, Reinhart & Winston, 1995.


Current Events
Current Events seeks to create a greater awareness in the student of the different social problems that exist in America today. The course, taught in a discussion format, emphasizes not only specific problems, but also possible solutions. By creating greater awareness, the course aims to eliminate stereotypes and to inform the students. The students are expected to write a term paper for the course. This course is offered to juniors and seniors. One semester course. Text: Social Problems, 4th Edition, Prentice Hall, 1983.


Psychology encompasses broad areas of research about human behavior for students who want to understand themselves and others better. Based on the text used, the goal of the class is to create active intellectual and emotional involvement by the student, not only in learning about the science of psychology, but in life as well. A variety of learning devices and exercises are used that are designed to enhance the student’s understanding and retention of materials. The units available to cover are the following: approaches to psychology; brain, body and awareness; cognitive processes; human development; personality, adjustment, and conflict; psychological disorders; and socio-cultural influences and self. This one semester course is an elective for juniors and seniors. Text: Invitation to Psychology , Prentice Hall 2008.


American Government
American Government will focus on how the U.S. system of government differs from other governments, how and why the U.S. Constitution divides powers among three branches of government, how decisions are made in the nation’s capital, as well as how decisions are made in the state capitol. This class will give individuals the ability to apply their expanding knowledge of American Government to current issues and to social and economic problems that directly affect you. A one semester course. TEXT: Basic Principles of American Government, 2nd Ed., Sanford Green

Sociology 110 –RCC Dual Credit

Psychology 110 – RCC Dual Credit




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