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It is our goal to educate the St. Teresa community to lead others, and ourselves, in a more virtuous life. We are following a "virtue of the week" program to help us refocus on this mission, and to be better examples to others in our community.

Every Monday we will share the "virtue of the week" and ask that you join us in reflecting and implementing it into your daily lives. Learning to Lead

Physical Education

Physical Education

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for all students to learn about, participate in and retain

different methods and levels of physical education and fitness. The course consists of individual sports,

team sports, aerobics, and weight training. One (1) credit per year – included in student’s G.P.A.


Strength & Conditioning

This course is designed to provide an opportunity for students to develop an advanced level of physical

fitness and muscular power, i.e., strength and speed combination. This course consists of activities

organized in a schedule of progression to improve the student’s level of physical power and fitness. These activities include weight training; quickness development through vigorous, repetitive drills; speed

development through varied sprinting drills including plyometric training; and overall cardiovascular

improvement through prolonged, vigorous movement.


Sport Specific Strength & Conditioning – (prerequisite – student must be a member in good standing of a St.Teresa Athletic Team) The purpose of this course is to provide student-athletes the opportunity for a high intensity, physical workout environment in which to seriously train for athletic competition. This course consists of athletic specific, seasonal scheduled activities devised to increase the functional, physical power of the student-athlete. These activities include development in the areas of strength and power, quickness and agility, plus speed and explosiveness. The pace and scope of the class will be intense and challenging.



Health (Sophomore Level)

Health education emphasizes that health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, not merely the absence of disease. Therefore, the students are taught that health education is a process with intellectual, psychosocial and social dimensions related to activities which increase the abilities of people to make informed decisions affecting their personal, family, and community well-being. Various topics that are covered are as follows: consumer health, total wellness, managing stress, teen suicide, causes and treatment of mental disorders, nervous system and disorders, drug use and abuse, smoking and diseases, alcohol and abuse, infectious diseases, STDs and AIDS. Health education is offered during the sophomore year. The State of Illinois requires one semester of health education for graduation. No Prerequisites are necessary. Text: Holt Health, 1999, Holt




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