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It is our goal to educate the St. Teresa community to lead others, and ourselves, in a more virtuous life. We are following a "virtue of the week" program to help us refocus on this mission, and to be better examples to others in our community.

Every Monday we will share the "virtue of the week" and ask that you join us in reflecting and implementing it into your daily lives. Learning to Lead


Business Course Descriptions
Twelve different business classes are offered in the Business Curriculum. St. Teresa High School offers the opportunity for students to explore all phases of business including Introduction to Business, Consumer Education, or Business Law. A comprehensive list of computer courses is also offered.

English Course Descriptions
Understanding the importance of the English language, St. Teresa High School fulfills the individual students’ needs with a variety of classes at all skill levels. College-level reading and writing is emphasized as students learn to interpret and analyze what they read.

Fine Arts Department Music & Art Course Descriptions
St. Teresa’s expanding Fine Arts Department offers courses in Art that start with beginning Art and advance all the way through Art Portfolio Preparation. Students also have the opportunity to express themselves in one of our musical opportunities through Chorus, Concert Band, and new in 2002-2003, Jazz Band.

World Language Course Descriptions
With a college-prep curriculum in mind, students are encouraged to study a foreign language for four years. French and Spanish students learn to speak, read, and write the language proficiently enough to fulfill college admission requirements at major colleges and universities.

Mathematics Course Descriptions
Students entering St. Teresa High School have the ability to excel in mathematics due to the wide range of classes available at all skill levels. Mathematics classes begin at the basic level with Basic Algebra and advance all of the way through Advanced Placement Calculus.

Physical Education Course Descriptions
Physical Education and Conditioning classes are a requirement of the curriculum at St. Teresa High School. Students are introduced to a variety of physical games and activities or can participate in conditioning classes to improve their health and physic.

Science Course Descriptions
Ten different science classes are available for students interested in a comprehensive study of human nature, chemistry, and physics. Advanced Placement Chemistry is available for students wanting to get a jump on college credits.

Social Studies Course Descriptions
American Government, Sociology, History, and Current Events are just a sampling of the classes offered in the Social Studies Department at St. Teresa High School. Students share in open discussions on issues, current and historical, that affect their daily lives.

Theology Course Descriptions
Worship, retreats, community service, and school curriculum are the four main components essential to the faith life of St. Teresa High School. While teaching basic doctrine, we provide students the opportunity to deepen their knowledge of the Catholic faith through scripture and tradition, and their faith through prayer, liturgy, and retreat experiences.




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