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It is our goal to educate the St. Teresa community to lead others, and ourselves, in a more virtuous life. We are following a "virtue of the week" program to help us refocus on this mission, and to be better examples to others in our community.

Every Monday we will share the "virtue of the week" and ask that you join us in reflecting and implementing it into your daily lives. Learning to Lead

16th Annual Mega Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the 75 winners:

$100,000 Mark & Leslie Lindgren, Mt. Zion
$20,000: Larry Foster, Decatur
$4,000: Ben Massey, Decatur
$750: Darwin Johnson, Decatur
$750: Mike & Wendy Miller, Pana
$750: Amelia & Al Zimmerman, Springfield
$750: Kenney & Cindy Dickerson, Mt. Auburn
$750: Lisa Kamm, Lovington
$750: Vicki Mercer, Cerro Gordo
$750: Robyn Reising, Decatur
$300: Gary & Judy Blome, Decatur
$300: Larry & Happy Luckenbill, Decatur
$300: Kevin & Sue Breheny, Forsyth
$300: Craig Culp, Maroa
$300: Dan Riley, Forsyth
$300: Donald Parkhurst, Decatur
$300: John Hall, Forsyth
$300: Stanford England, Forsyth
$300: Steve McQueen, Decatur
$300: Jeff Bagley, Mt. Zion
$300: Brenda & Bruce Moore
$300: Brad Pugh, Decatur
$300: Marsha Norman, Decatur
$300: Cheryl Kerner, Oreana
$300: Shawn Bray & Group, Decatur
$300: Chris Behnke, Decatur
$300: Matthew Hunt, Decatur
$300: Kelvin Hufendick, Ursa
$300: Kara Donnell, Mattoon
$300: Karen Zilz, URS Group, Maroa
$200: Del Schexsnayder, Republic, Mo.
$200: EIU Carpenters, Sullivan
$200: Denise L. Mundwilder, Decatur
$200: Diane & Emerita Quizon, Pana
$200: Clint & Colt McLeod, Katie Landry, Decatur
$200: Charles W. Munie, Decatur
$200: Joy Electric
$200: Continental Carbonic Products, Inc., Decatur
$200: Jerger, Mt. Zion
$200: Deborah & Tracy Pate, Blue Mound
$200: Andy Foran, Bement
$200: Continental Carbonic, Decatur
$200: Adam Brooks, Decatur
$200: Pete Kates, Decatur
$200: Rick Anglesworth & Group, Mt. Pulaski
$200: John & Martha Brinkoetter, Decatur
$200: Mike Finfrock, Decatur
$200: Marty & Kim Peters, Decatur
$200: Phil Jones, Decatur
$200: Greg Sanders
$100: Wade & Melissa Watson, Decatur
$100: Paul E. Smith, Decatur
$100: Mark Otta & Group, Decatur
$100: Mike Petrucha, Decatur
$100: Minnesota Couris, Cold Spring, MN.
$100: Herb Dreier, Decatur
$100: Michael C. Lees, Decatur
$100: Andrew J. Ellis, Decatur
$100: Steve Seidman, Decatur
$100: Lisa Tokarz, Decatur
$100: Luis & Robin Caceres, Decatur
$100: Pat Kunz/Joan Rendfeld, Forsyth
$100: Caroline Evans, Decatur
$100: Donna Munson, Decatur
$100: Margaret (Meg) May, Florissant, Mo.
$100: Louis & Pat Epley, Nokomis
$100: Saenz, Oscar, Windsor, Co.
$100: Robert Hackert, Jr., Decatur
$100: Jean Anderson, St. Joseph, IL.
$100: Jim Rhodes/Ron Pigati, Decatur
$100: Rob & Jocelyn George, Decatur
$100: Randy & Sue Hayes, Decatur
$100: Ed/Phyllis Ludwig, Mt. Auburn
$100: Michael Bennett, Decatur
$100: Alice Boylan, Hammond

Thank you to the businesses who helped sell our tickets!!!

Baker Law Offices
Miles Chevrolet
The News Stand
American Family Insurance
Available Auto Parts
Buds N Bloom
Barbeck Communications
Kenny Burns
Dr. Cunningham
Country Financial
Dale’s Southlake Pharmacy
Damarin Sporting Goods
Decatur Back & Neck
Del’s Popcorn Shop
Doherty’s Pub
Firewater Cafe
Floorsource Direct
Gooding Auto Restoration
Guadalajara Restaurant
Huff Lumber
Imboden Creek Living Center
Jane’s Cleaners
J.L. Hubbard
Kenny’s Ace Hardware
La Gondola Water Street & Mt. Zion
Siegert-Lees Insurance
Lincoln Credit Union-Oakland, Mound Rd, 22nd Street
Newell Auto Body
Paco’s Sol Bistro
Parke Warehouse
Peerless Cleaners
Raycraft & Jones
St. Mary’s Family Medicine Center
South Shores Self-Storage
State Farm Agency Leo Berger
State Farm Agency Melanie Schelling
Ticket’s N Trips
The Wagon
Tommy House Tire
Tropic Fever
Waites Dry Cleaners
Holy Family
Our Lady of Lourdes
Sts. James & Patrick




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